Hiker Parking & Shuttle


Hikers accessing the wildly popular trailheads adjacent to Lafayette Campground

  • Northbound side… Falling Waters / Old Bridle Path, etc.
  • Southbound side… Lonesome Lake / Dodge Cutoff / Pemi Trail, etc.

The 2019 FNSP Hiker Shuttle is a paid shuttle (pilot program) to offer rides to those who’d otherwise (illegally and unsafely) be parking on Interstate 93 / Franconia Notch Parkway and walking along the highway to access hiking routes. We will be utilizing four 11-passenger Ford Transit 350 XLT vans.

Shuttle cost is $5 round-trip per person, regardless of age. Cash-only when paying driver directly… credit card options at Echo Lake Beach* (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM) and Lafayette Campground (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM).

Saturdays and Sundays starting May 25 - October 20th.

Schedule and hours are subject to change.

  • Shuttle operate 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Hikers are STRONGLY urged not to miss the last northbound shuttle at 8:00 PM

Southbound starting point is at “Peabody Big Lot” at Cannon Mountain (Exit 34-C, it’s the gravel parking lot directly across the road from the base lodge)

  • The only southbound “drop-off point” is at Lafayette Campground… and hikers may access all applicable trailheads there

Northbound starting point is at Falling Waters / Old Bridle Path trailhead (Across the highway from Lafayette Campground)

  • The only northbound “drop-off point” is the ending point at “Peabody Big Lot”

The 2019 FNSP Hiker Shuttle offers an alternative to unsafely parking on Interstate 93 / Franconia Notch Parkway and walking along the highway to access hiking routes.

1. Park at Peabody Big Lot at Exit 34-C;

2. Pay $5 per person in cash, or use credit card at Echo Lake Beach (when open);

3. Southbound drop-off is at Lafayette Campground;

4. Save your ticket for return trip and enjoy your hike!;

5. Meet shuttle at Falling Waters trailhead for return trip to Peabody Big Lot;

6. Hand driver ticket (or $5 in cash), or use credit card at Lafayette Campground (when open)

FNSP Hiker Shuttle is operated by NH Parks & Recreation / Franconia Notch State Park / Cannon Mountain Ski Area;

Shuttles may not be called directly for service. General Inquiries 603-823-8800 (8 AM – 4 PM) or 603-823-9513 (4 – 8 PM);

Well-mannered dogs will be allowed on the shuttle initially… problem dogs and their owners will not be allowed on the shuttle.